• dang1

    As more and more people use Android compared to iPhone, Google’s gonna care less and less

  • keaner

    This is also the same firm that thinks Apple will hit 900$/share in 2013. Oh and chart was provided by “Apple Insider” . Enough said

  • http://www.microsourcing.com/ MicroSourcing

    To better frame the study, we need to ask how instrumental Siri has been to Apple’s success so that it actually poses a threat to Apple’s rivals.

  • Andrew Shotland

    Correctly understanding queries and accuracy of results are important, but for me right now speed is the #1 factor. And Google blows Siri away in that department.

  • muhamad fawad

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  • AK

    It is amazing how the discussion has changed form “Google is catching up but Apple is too far ahead” to “Apple can compete with Google in the long term”. Considering the head start Apple had with Siri and the loads of usage data it must have gathered to optimize the service, it is a testament to Google that it leapfrogged ahead with it’s first release.

    The innovation going on in the Android world, both on the hardware and software side, is leaving Apple to stagnate. If this continues, the distance between iOS and Android can only increase with iOS standing still and Android moving far ahead. The difference in innovation is as it should be. The success of iOS only benefits Apple. The success of Android is tied to the success of a number of third parties. And there is no restrictions on who can get on the bandwagon or choose what direction they want to take.

    No doubt Apple did a great service to consumers by actualizing a product that demonstrated that we can truly get quality and usability that we desire. But that was 5 years back, and not much has changed in it’s world since then. Some might say it is because of the perfection of their product. I’m not sure that is the case anymore. I’d say it was purely due to lock in. With Google providing a better alternative, and the lock in no longer as relevant, Apple has to get back into gear. Closing the walled garden further is not the answer (Stone walling competitive offerings on the platform, Limiting access to OS resources to cripple third party apps).

    Even developers are figuring out that it is a lot easier and smoother to develop and publish for Android than it is for iOS. It’s the whole Mac – PC thing all over again. This time, however, Google has the better product in addition to the open platform. Can’t see how Apple can continue to succeed with iOS unless it radically changes the structure of it’s relationship with third parties. Considering their history (Mac Clones) this is highly unlikely. Oh well, all I can say is so long and thanks for all the shake ups.