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    In discussing the second grapth, you wrote that “the first long line dropping down shows that on average, participants reviewed at least eight results”. This is not correct statement. What we understand is that people go through about eight results on a page without selecting anything before changing their queries. So these eight results are applied only to the case of query change.

    Other interesting point is that no data on the result-9 selection. What does this mean?

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    The Eye is intuitively attracted to whatever is ATTRACTIVE

    The pastel background color placed behind the sponsor links…ATTRACTS

    The BOLD that Google adds to urls, Title and Description keywords – that match the keywords of the search queries…ATTRACTS

    Also the eye notices KEYWORDS, but may gloss over STOPWORDS in the description – so efficiency is the new norm

    Also Capitalization appears to ATTRACT – but too much appears intimidating

    The new MAP links added by Google to some listings …ATTRACT

    The Local Listings defauting on the top of the Organic SERPS …ATTRACT –
    and since they include the phone numbers – they may trigger an action, without even clicking on their sites.

    Also the environment someone is in and the amount of competing for attention behavior affect their reactions.

    A busy office will trigger a different response from a surfer than a quiet evening at home.

    Therefore AOL DEFAULT surfers are different form MSN DEFAULT surfers – AND CERTAINLY are different from Google surfers!

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    Thanks for the insightful review. However, after spending way more time than I should have looking at eye tracking results, there are some things that should be considered in the analysis. Please see the following post

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    And some follow up comments for SearcH EngineS Web..

    “The Eye is intuitively attracted to whatever is ATTRACTIVE”

    Yes and no. Relevancy is more important than physical attractiveness on the SERP. We have a different scanning interaction.

    “The pastel background color placed behind the sponsor links…ATTRACTS”

    Actually, no. In fact, if too prominent, it can have the opposite effect, setting the results apart as a sidebar and causing banner blindness.

    However, I do agree with your other points in your comments. I just wanted to put out these two, based on our research.