• BFranson

    Done and done. If you haven’t done it, git ur dun!

  • http://www.daviddalka.com/createvalue/ DavidDalka


    That is on my wishlist too, please add me as you add SEL. Thanks.

  • http://www.jackhumphrey.com/fridaytrafficreport Jack

    That gigantic RSS button is HIlarious! I thought something was seriously wrong with my display for a second.

    I subscribed when this site was just a baby. I remember it like it was a few months ago!

    I’m totally stealing that RSS button – and sending over some friends.

  • http://www.fliddyio.com/ justinph

    You know you can get vector versions of the feed icon at http://www.feedicons.com/. Pixelation = pain.

  • http://www.feedthebot.com feedthebot

    I’m sorry, what were you saying? I couldn’t hear you because that button is so #&*@ing big.
    If anyone asked me anything right now, I would probably say “orange”.
    I made a history of SEO using Bloom County characters (Bill the cat, Opus etc.) you might get a kick out of.

  • http://www.stickyeyes.com GaryTheScubaGuy

    And thank you to the 10,000 that have made this 5 month old site a 7/10…incidentally the same as Matt’s :o)…..withing just 5 months.

  • http://www.rklau.com/tins/ Rick Klau

    Hey Danny – Thought you’d get a kick out of my slight tweak to your feed icon. Might help in the subscriber drive:


    Good luck. ;)

  • http://www.daviddalka.com/createvalue DavidDalka

    Now, now Rick, won’t the PETA folks that are friends of the Naperville Democrats get their feathers all ruffled at this graphic?

    Wait, maybe that isn’t a problem, you are the only Democrat in Naperville, right? ;)

  • SmartArsery

    Oh, the giant RSS button thing is so old.


  • GaryTheScubaGuy


  • http://searchengineland.com Danny Sullivan

    Yep, I’ve seen the big RSS button thing before. Didn’t mean to suggest it was new! Now a big subscriber drive, that might be new. If not, the main point is we’re pushing for it here with our readers. We have lots of new people who come to Search Engine Land for the first time, so I’m wanting to do more to remind them of our feeds and newsletters.

  • http://techfold.com Rod

    Danny, I’ve followed your lead, and was subscribed to your feed already!


  • http://megabluewave.com/blog Marek Wawrzyniak

    I did that a looooooong time ago! ;) I like the idea with the big icon. I am so doing it on my blog today, and yes, I will give you some link love, as always.


    Marek (jazyfko)

  • http://www.ryanlash.com Ryan Lash

    uncle, uncle!

  • http://mollermarketing.com mollermarketing

    Great post. I’ve done this too. Got the idea from Marek Wawrzyniak, he got it from you. It’s really helped me get more subscriptions to my blog. Thanks for the idea!


    I subscribed to your feed too.