• http://www.miamirollsroyce.com/ Hoa Pham

    Mobile search is only easy in countries which use English as a primary language as they use voice search with a high accuracy. For those like me (from Vietnam as an example), we have to type text into the search box and it consumes more time than PC.
    By the way, Thanks for sharing this information. :)

  • Paras Joshi

    Keyboard as a device also matters while searching, while searching on desktop you have superspeed typing device and you can search/research at your ease. Thanks for the detailed survey presentation.

  • http://www.darshanbeloshe.com/blog Darshan Beloshe

    Greg, That is really good data about mobile search. Well, i found myself in those who go for search option only if app don’t give what i am looking for. If you ask me about voice search, i would better type in because it take a while to re-correct myself most of the times.

  • Jim Gilbert

    It’s a start. But, when somebody answers the REAL question then we will have something actionable. The real question is: “Of the people using smartphone search, what percent checkout on mobile vs what percent move to a desktop or tablet device to complete the purchase process after doing their research on a smartphone”?