• http://dillon-smith.com Dillon Smith

    Thanks for the interesting post. The social graph and mobile are the two big ones that I’ll be keeping an eye on in 2011. Anyone else see any of the other 8 on this list as being more influential?

  • http://www.searchandise.net nliberman

    Aaron, great list and very insightful post. I would, however, point out that one additional area for focus in 2011 is on-site search. With comScore reporting that two-thirds of shoppers starting their process online, and the path to purchase often beginning on retail sites, there are new opportunities for product marketers to make the most of every on-site listing as they’ve done with traditional paid search. Product marketers should equate on-site search with in-store merchandising and do everything in their power to heighten position and prominence at the point of research and purchase where and when shoppers are shopping. The ability to apply cost-per-click bids toward on-site search results, search driven advertising solutions and the like have emerged as viable solutions. The ability to boost visibility on retail sites is a fairly new, but invaluable arrow to put in the quiver in the new year.

    Nancy Liberman
    @searchandise | blog.searchandise.net