• http://www.searchengineoptimizationjournal.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    Executive: “But when I type-in the company’s name, we are number one in Google.”
    SEO: “Yes, well you are getting personalized results AND there’s a lot more to . . .”

    Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this conversation with my clients! I don’t know if they don’t want to see the truth or just can’t quite wrap their heads around it. Obviously seeing is believing, and if it looks like Google loves you than why would they want to believe me when I say otherwise?

  • http://marketandconvert.com leosaraceni

    I wouldnt have guessed Open Table had bigger SEO presence than urbanspoon. Either way, this alternative presentation method definitely hits the mark. Execs love graphs, but they dont seem to care too much about user behavior/domain authority. I shall give it a try.

  • http://h8usernames.blogspot.com Ryan Portsmouth

    We have just had to can our outside SEO company because they were doing more damage than good with “black hat” link building activities. It’s great to get links however with Googles Panda update there is a component that considers the quality of the sites where the links are located and if the site quality is seen too low per Googles standards it starts to devalue your website that has the link has come from, especially when Google thinks it is a link building farm.

    I had commented to this company that will remain un-named for some time about not having links in relevant websites, this company is in the security space yet 1 of their link building websites listed brothels in Amsterdam. Yes we may have well over 1,000 links to us but month after month our organic traffic dropped regardless of on-going activities that were designed to increase our organic traffic in consultation with the SEO company. This focused greatly on original content, updating existing content, social strategies and in-site code (specifically META) clean-up.

    The SEO company also failed to understand that we have a diverse range of products and we cannot have just a single set of keywords with 1 description and title for every page. We cannot list a software as a service product with something that monitors access to keys on every page.

    Unless we were getting a very specific search term all organic traffic was going to our homepage and our bounce rate got up to 60% that again devalued our website in SEO.

    Then the nail in the coffin was what they failed to understand, even though today I’m the International Marketing Manager (the same role in an American company of similar size to ours is VP of Sales & Marketing) my qualification is in Information Management. They couldn’t understand that I have come up via web development and SEO. Then they failed to understand that I keep current also, I have 12 years web development and SEO experience and they wouldn’t allow me to speak to anyone technical to understand how they are expecting to help us, it was just the same glib ansers.

    At the end of the day, my advice to companies is with link-building especially, read the Google blog, find out what is working, don’t rely on reports from SEO companies, target the links and keep it fresh. Anything less is more than likely to see a drop in your rankings and quality.

  • SarahT

    Is it very wrong that I looked at the last graph and just said “that’s sexy”?