• http://www.brickmarketing.com nickstamoulis

    Hi Shari – Your analysis of the 3 SEO/SEM conference personas is right on the money!

    The only other type of persona that I would add is the schmoozer and self promoter…basically the person that is there to promote themselves and hand their business card out to everyone they introduce themselves to, whether they plan on doing business with them or not…how annoying! :)

  • Shari Thurow

    Hi Nick-

    Yeah, I hate the schmoozers, too. I chose to ignore them because they don’t usually last long as speakers. But you have to remember, management types like to see case studies, no matter how annoying the schmoozer.

    I like to think of the hands-on person as a do-it-yourselfer (DIY).

    Personally, I find it terribly annoying when speakers forget that people in the audience might not be as tech-savvy as they are, especially in advanced sessions. I try to do my best to help if I’m on a panel, but it isn’t always possible. And egos can be easily bruised….

    Then again, I find it equally as annoying when “advanced” people don’t seem to grasp the fundamentals. But they honestly believe they do. I think plenty of IT people have advanced IT skills but are what I’d consider to be beginner SEO professionals.

    Anyway, it’s always a mixed audience. I just wish speakers and attendees alike would remember that.

    Thanks for the feedback!