• Pat Grady

    Many overhauls done here, you’ve pushed my buttons this morning. :-)

  • http://www.esocialmedia.com Jerry Nordstrom

    Well done Brad. A couple items that I often find need tweaking if you have yet to run through all of your campaigns:
    You can now GEO target using Neilsen DMA so your ads match your radio ad coverage.
    Before targeting was robust many campaigns were structured to use keywords with geo keywords within them.If your geo targeting settings do not match the Geo keyword your ad will not trigger. The same is true for zip code keyword campaigns.
    Accounts have been auto opted into Keyword misspellings, plurals etc, this may not match your campaign goals.
    Optimize pages for devices – many companies waste ad spend by running expensive PC targeted ads for users that are mobile and looking for an address or phone number. Mobile PPC tends to be less expensive in our experience. The visitor behavior is very different as well, they produce high bounce rates as they are in and out quickly. Segmenting Mobile campaigns will keep from skewing the analytics for your other PC based campaigns and save you money.
    Publisher targeting/exclusion. Often we create exclusion lists and never look back. Some sites improve over time, or the cause of poor performance in the past may have been corrected. Review top publisher sites.
    We can now target based on URL, if you are targeting based on top level domain, you should run URL reports to exclude poor performing URLs on specific publishers and target high performing URLs.
    Optimizing landing pages – this is regular maintenance, but often we forget to go back and re-optimize our landing pages to align with changes in how Google ranks our ads according to those pages.
    Outdated offers? – Take advantage of time and date targeting.

    Continuously train – Follow Brad and take his courses to stay on top of the most important changes to the Adwords platform.

  • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.owen.7315 Daniel Owen

    Great meeting you today Brad!