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    Hi Greg, This is a great list of social media promoters…it is good that the majority of the social networks have really cracked down on spammers. As far as I am concerned there is nothing worst then wasting people’s time, especially those who in involved in social media to make a “quick buck”…

  • http://jasonkirby jasonkirby


    You bring up some interesting points and now that I think about it, there are a ton of spammers on Twitter that only care about promoting what they have, and not what others have to say.

  • http://blog.freshcurrent.com mpeesel

    The spammers are usually pretty obvious. I get the email each time someone follows me and if they have little followers and many following and little or no updates (or a scantilly clad picture), it’s pretty obvious. Another sign is if they are posting a lot and have the same post over and over and over again about some get rich scheme. Oh, and if they cuss in their posts… why?

  • http://hyder.me kennyhyder

    Crazed Cross Promoters – So true. I’ve gotten to the point where I won’t click a sphinn link on twitter.

  • basebot

    Can I add a mention of the people who encourage this behaviour? The usocials of this world, offering to sell Twitter followers etc? I can accept that a few individuals will always be naughty, but companies shouldn’t encourage them. They’re like teachers gone bad.

  • http://www.ericward.com Eric Ward

    God I loved this. Now, how do I tweet this? Can you help me? Is there a way to simulateneously digg, stumble, tweet, reddit and bookmark my awesome comments with a single click? Please, others just HAVE to see the awesomeness of my commenting. How do I aggregate my comment stream from all the places I drop comments? My comment stream as an RSS feed. Man, that’d be golden link bait all by itself. Should I launch a new social media site called Me-me-me.com !?

  • http://www.socialmediacommando.com joemescher

    Losers, Users, and Abusers …

    Say you have Eleventy-Billion Followers on Twitter:

    How many are really listening to you?

    What specific goals are you achieving with your SocMed Stardom?

    I’m not a hater, and I appreciate gaining more followers as much as the next guy,

    “I’m just sayin’…”

  • http://onlinesellingdomination.com/onlinemarketingebook/ Online Selling Shawn

    What a great post! You have just lined out every scammers, spammers and what else are out there. It is sad, that currently Twitter is the most abused in this field. It is a good thing though that they are doing something about it, like suspending accounts that uses third party software to systematically add a large number of social connections each day.
    Good for them.

  • http://www.ericward.com Eric Ward

    OK, so I was trying to be ironic/funny with my maniacal idea for aggregating all my personal comments, tweets, posts, etc. from across the web in one place, and then turning that “me-stream” into yet another RSS feed.

    Sadly, it’s already been done.