• http://searchenginewatch.com Elisabeth Osmeloski

    Nice Danny- wish we had gone into this a bit futher on IM earlier today;)

    We’ve also been working Google on the issue to determine the underlying cause, since we too, identified several other sites with similar results.

    It’s definitely been confirmed as a glitch in the site command function, and noted that the sites/URLs in questions are not actually in the Supplemental Index.

    More to come on SEW…

  • http://www.xuru.com Xuru

    I’m don’t know if the two issues I mentioned in the MarketingPilgrim blog post are related, but I can almost guarantee they are bugs as I am dealing with the 1-2 of 260 issues on multiple sites. None have meta tag issues either.

    I haven’t been able to find anyone else that is having the duplicate identical url issue I found.

  • http://www.seo4fun.com/blog/ Halfdeck

    “I haven’t been able to find anyone else that is having the duplicate identical url issue I found.”

    Jeez, that’s twice in a row Marketingpilgrim pulled my leg this week. First I hear Adam Lasnik “says I wish nofollow didn’t exist”, which turned out to be a lie, and now I hear about this so-called “duplicate url” site bug which doesn’t exist.

  • http://blog.achille.name/ Sante

    Hi Danny,
    I had actually stumbled upon this problem in reviewing some web sites for proposals. Was baffled at first. I did find some kind of pattern in the sites I reviewed. One site had duplicate content: they had statically mapped dynamic content that was already indexed, hence pages were indeed duplicate, BUT they differed in titles and descriptions.

    Another site was suffering from bad template architecture: the content was less than menus, page headers and footers but the titles and descriptions were unique.

    More information at:




  • http://searchenginewatch.com Elisabeth Osmeloski

    thanks danny for noting that. also, as I just posted on DaveN’s blog-we’re actually up in traffic since January 1… Which I must attribute to our news editor Kevin Newcomb and the bloggers who have come on since then, all are doing a great job. maybe I will do a traffic sharing report at some point soon (a la your style).

  • http://www.emlakilanlar.com erdogduemlak

    Anyway, Google Reader is very nifty. I like being able to save news searches which you can refer to later.