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    This is a very useful article to me since I’m a newbie of PPC.

    I’ve hear about ‘AIDA’ marketing method;

    A = Attention
    I = Interest
    D = Desire
    A = Action

    We want to gain the Internet buyer’s attention with our advertisement, get them
    interested, write our ad so they have a desire to click your ad, and also put a call to action in our ad to increase the effectiveness.

    Is that right?

  • ensignsj

    Very good summary. I would add a section on being specific. While it may be implied in what you’ve written, I think that it’s worth noting that getting a large volume of traffic is not an end unto itself in the PPC environment. I sometimes get the feeling that people think that if they just say all the right things, they can get anyone to convert. The fact is that there will be waste in any marketing campaign. However, on search part of our job is to eliminate as much of it as possible. Good copy can help to screen unqualified searchers before they click your ad and cost you money.