• http://www.websiteadvice.com/blog Scott Clark

    This photo was a tad dark, so a little bit of photoshop magic brings out those hiding in the back..


  • http://www.beyondthepaid.com Melissa

    Great photoshop, Scott! Danny, I can actually see you in that version! :)

    I’ve said it several times already – great show, great time, great food. Kudos to the SEL team!


  • SEOpteryx

    This list just isn’t complete without this rather unusual write-up! http://www.seojealous.com/http:/www.seojealous.com/glamorous-exploits/an-smx-update-action-squad-style

  • http://www.oldschoolseo.com oldschoolseo

    Danny, thanks for the picture and the photoshop tip. I couldn’t make it, but now I can photoshop myself in and use the new pic as the background on my desktop :-)

    Seriously, I have heard nothing but great reviews, and I do look forward to making one of the future SMX events.