• http://www.ihsekat.com/ Takeshi

    What a pointless article.

  • http://www.netbuilders.org willspencer

    This article isn’t worthy of an original comment, so I’ll just +1 what Takeshi said.

  • Scot Small

    Agree. How wrong could someone be. Of course dynamics of all business models change over time and must evolve. With the right “onshore” management and leadership, outsourcing will always be a strong business model for those who wish to pursue it.

    This is just crazy talk.

  • David Phillips

    The thing that gets me is that everybody in India thinks they’re an SEO expert. I’ve reached out to people personally who claim to be “experts” and they are all absolute beginners with no real knowledge of SEO. It’s like they find a site full of buzz words related to SEO and base their entire resumes around them. They follow SEOmoz and just regurgitate ideas they’ve read on blogs with no idea of how to implement or the strategy behind initiatives. Not only does it make it difficult to find a good SEO, but they are devaluing the industry and actual seasoned SEO professionals.

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com Nick Stamoulis

    This article is crazy ( I agree with the first 3 comments here).

    SEO has and is evolving and yes has its share of repetitive tasks but does require a great amount of knowledge, real experience and marketing ability these days. As we know social media along with social factors are becoming rapidly much bigger factors within SEO.

  • http://www.betterfindability.com Clark Mackey

    This article is wrong. Or pointless. Which makes it wrong again.

  • http://www.search-usability.com/ Shari Thurow

    Hi all-

    At first I thought this article didn’t have much merit (the headline grabbed me), but Byrne raised a good point: outsourcing to India.

    Personally, I know only of 1 person who resides in India who has a clear understanding of SEO. And he used to work for Yahoo (he developed Site Explorer). That is it.

    In terms of search usability, it is a very bad decision to outsource copywriting to India (or another non-US country) when the target audience is US Americans. If I wanted to write content for India? Then I’ll hire someone from India.

  • http://www.rimmkaufman.com George Michie

    Byrne, apparently you struck a nerve with some who rely on outsourcing.

    At RKG, we’ve never outsourced any type of work for a variety of reasons: 1) we like creating jobs in our country; 2) the quality of work outsourced is unlikely to be up to our standards, and we tend to be control freaks; and 3) even routine, repetitive work needs to be done well.

    The trick is to figure out how to get sharp people to do these mundane tasks well and not jump off a bridge. Our approach to that problem is to use this type of work as part of the training process: learn how to do this ‘scut work’ well and quickly, then move on to the next level of learning. After some time folks have hands on experience in many different facets of the game and can lead teams, train others and serve as well-rounded analysts. This works as long as the firm is growing and there is a constant need for new trainees. If we stop growing we’d have to figure out a different solution, and for the solo practitioner this obviously wouldn’t work.

  • http://www.webmixmarketing.com Lee Gientke

    With the Panda updates, outsourcing SEO is dead or is morbid. Panda is all about sustainable marketing efforts versus quick easy wins like directory submissions, low quality content from the second world. if you are doing any of that crap, prepare to find another career.

  • http://www.clickablemarketing.com Michael


    This article might be a miss but I just wanted to support you by stating that every article can’t be home runs no matter how much time and love we put into them. Keep on trucking man. But in this place where real experts abound just a few degrees left of center triggers nerve pinches :). Trollbait is still bait keep on writing .

  • http://twitter.com/EffectiveSite Effective Site

     a cost of living study just out today by expatistan showed the cost of living in London as 222% more expensive than Mumbai they are ridiculously far from earning “compensation to match”. I know it’s a link bait article but still, don’t be an idiot…