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    Fantastic article Dan. Thanks for sharing, absolutely fantastic tips for anyone working with PLA’s.

  • Guest

    tks biz, glad you enjoyed the content!

  • howdoesthiswork

    Hi Dan. Nice article. One quick question: how do you create a report to show impressions by product target and SKU? I can’t seem to find it in the AdWords interface.

  • Pat Grady

    “a quick scan of impression share showed that 95% of all impressions within the product target had gone to a single SKU”
    How did you do this?

  • Ethan

    Thanks, glad you enjoyed the article.

    To show a impressions by product target & SKU, you must make sure your campaign structure has only 1 SKU per product target, the most granular targeting structure.

    The benefits of this structure are:

    – you get bid control over each SKU, allowing you to maximize individual SKU performance
    – you can target your promotional messaging to real world sales & promotions, and tailored to to your SKUs
    – you seperate your poor performers from your high performers to ensure they don’t contaminate your ad group quality score, this separation is key for improved impression share and matching relevancy
    – you have control to apply a negatives strategy to help shape your traffic, ensuring the right products display in the block for your target queries
    – you have full reporting insight at the SKU level, allowing you to make better decisions on the economics of your campaigns

  • Ethan

    Hi Pat, we looked at the total impressions of women’s pump SKUs that triggered for the query “women’s pump’s” and looked at the distribution of share, out of 15+ SKUs that had impressions for this query, 95% of them went to a single SKU.

  • Pat Grady

    The 2nd part, “and looked at the distribution”, I completely understand. But where did you view the imps for a SKU that also shows the query term? I’m thinking there’s a delicious report that I am unaware of! Or do you use SKU-level Auto-Targets somehow? Thanks!

  • daniel morrison

    hey pat, as ethan mentions above if you’ve got your campaign setup in a way where there is one SKU per ad group, you can run a query report at the ad group level which will give you query terms at SKU level.

    we’re typically looking at this report directly in the adchemy interface which is a much cleaner report than the search query / ad group / sku report you can get in adwords, but its possible to get this data in adwords (just won’t be as delicious!)

    btw, tks to ethan for helping address while i’m out enjoying the first few weeks with my first born son! :)

  • daniel morrison

    tks ethan, you are correct. in order to get this report, you must have only one sku per product target. otherwise, you will be unable to drill down to this level of granularity.

  • daniel morrison

    not sure why my comment didn’t post while i was logged in, but thanks Biz, glad you enjoyed the content!

  • Logan

    Great article, Dan. I was having this same problem with a swimwear client of mine. The same suit always showed for their main head term (though it wasn’t a loud color). We eventually removed this product from the product target and saw better performance.

    My question is: could the campaign settings also be used to combat the tipping effect? The two that come to mind are “rotate indefinitely” (not sure if that will even work with PLAs) or possibly the conversion optimizer setting?

    Again, great read, and congrats on the new baby!

  • Pat Grady

    Got it, love it, thanks!