• http://superdave.com miggy2007

    Ok, This all sounds good and all, yet while I have the interest and have been producing bare pages like a onepage ad for nothing, i would like to learn more. Not that I will ever expect to advance to the 6 figures, ok?

    Where might I find a list of What to do, in a list form. eg: 1. Create the site with the end in mind. 2. Know what your SEO options are required 3. make the site 4. Hang papers 5. track hits and page rank 6. keep it fresh and relivent 7. take this course that says yuo ar a Certified SEO level dweeb -1. 8. after 1 year take this course along with the websites you do for free and now you have achieved Cert for level dweeb +1
    (yada, yada, yada) I see that this is so fresh and cutting edge… yet by subscribing to your site and others like your i hope to keep up with the curve… and still learn this without attending the “old out of touch with SEO Reality” crap.

    So, How do I get to be SEO that can get paid for doing what I Would do for free(cause well its so fun)


  • http://www.brickmarketing.com nickstamoulis

    This is excellent advice! Having worked in house for years you nailed many key discussion points! I think “picking your battles” recommendation is so true, I always advise clients that have to work this way, take it 1 day at time and do the best you can!