• CM Henty

    Great piece. Thanks

  • http://www.randyhilarski.com/ Randy Hilarski

    Keywords are history for Ads. RTB is here and the Big Data systems know how to promote your campaign better than you do. We welcome the changes and love the transparency our clients have gained.

  • davenathan

    It wouldn’t surprise me if they unveiled a new text ad unit – maybe one with three lines of ad text? Similarly, they might make it easier to advertise within different Google products.

  • http://jbarragan.com Jonathan Barragan

    Excellent insight. I’m curious to see the cross-platform remarketing come to light. And, the growth in mobile ads, innovation, everything is going to be interesting to say the least.

  • http://www.alanmitchell.com.au/ alanmitchell

    I wonder whether the apparent shortening of search queries has anything to do with an increase in branded searches on search engines, which could be biasing the data? I think we’re still along way from maxing out on the long-tail though: http://www.calculatemarketing.com/blog/techniques/the-australian-ppc-opportunity/.

    Good point about keywords becoming less important as a way of identifying context and intention – RLSA has already adding an extra ‘audience’ dimension to search as you point out. Will be interesting to see how AdWords develops in 2014 and 2015.