• Stupidscript

    Once per MONTH?!? I have to wait 4 MONTHs before you get to the “Considered Purchase” pattern?!? Yeesh. And the pattern you chose to begin with, the”Brochure” pattern, doesn’t even concern itself with conversions! If your writing were more irritating, this would be less so. Unfortunately, I very much enjoyed this little blurb of an article, and so I am anxiously awaiting your next missives.

    I would have ordered the series according to the interests of Conversion Science readers, as I see them:

    1) eCommerce (most common among normal site owners who give a darn about conversions);
    2) Considered Purchase (second-most common);
    3) Site as a Service (emerging);
    4) Portal (who has one of those besides Yahoo, et al.?) and finally
    5) The lazy bum of the group, Brochure (newbies and others who are not on board with what “conversion” means or how important it is).

    Maybe you could write all of the sections and push them out using the feed, while still maintaining your release schedule for article publication on the main site? Or possibly posting them on ConversionScientist? I’m just trying to get to the meat of it before too much time passes and the 5 Core Patterns evolve into the 12 Core Patterns … which would take a YEAR to write about!

  • http://ConversionScientist.com Brian Massey


    If I wrote about the popular patterns up front, who would to stick around for the poor Brochure and Portal patterns?

    Your input is heard (though I’m just seeing this). I hope you’ll find the Portal helpful, though it’s the “obvious” pattern. eCommerce is next.


  • Cameron Madill

    Nice post, Brian. Thanks for sharing with us. I have a few questions:

    Do you consider this to be a pattern, or just a failed implementation of one of the other four patterns?

    If you can with some confidence recommend which three strategies you should start with to optimize your site for conversion based on the pattern of your website, it raises this question: if you have a master list of conversion strategies that you walk through to optimize a website? Seems like that could be useful…

    As you address different patterns, can you share information about how to push different strategies through objections by different stakeholders? I feel like one of the biggest obstacles to conversion optimization becoming truly mainstream is the difficulty in convincing stakeholders to invest in it.


  • http://ConversionScientist.com Brian Massey


    Just seeing your comment.

    The Brochure pattern is often a failed implementation, and many businesses should be choosing one of the other patterns. However, it has its place. In particular, if a business doesn’t want to generate leads or sales via the Web, this pattern can be right for them. Businesses that want to appeal only to investors, press, and other influencers will do fine with a Brochure site.

    Your question regarding pushing strategies through organizational stakeholders is best addressed by a good set of personas. Personas profile specific visitors, their informational needs, and their decision-making modes. When you can say, “The Mark persona is expecting this feature,” the reason becomes clearer for everyone involved in the internal decision-making process.

    I don’t have a master list of strategies, but I am developing a series called “The Elements of Conversion.” Watch for it on The Conversion Scientist blog at http://ConversionScientist.com.