• http://www.thatgirlfrommarketing.com Natasha Robinson

    Interesting Cameron,

    However, SMM still a tough sell to those slow moving behomoths with the money to spend that we call the Fourtune Companies; whose middle manager that you are pitching to wants a quantifiable ROI because they will have to sell it to their higher-ups and their butt is on the line if this fails. Does “So what do I get for this?” sound familiar to you? lol. Granted the examples you give are good ones, these are usual sold to these types of companies under the names: Micro Sites, Viral Marketing campaigns and Blog Marketing (which did exist long before the term SMM – though I do consider it a form of marketing via Social Media).

  • http://www.cameronolthuis.com Cameron Olthuis

    Natasha, You’re absolutely right. SMM is a very tough sale right now for the bigger companies. Pretty much how SEO was (and can still be) up until a few years ago. The ROI doesn’t seem to be the problem though… It’s either that these companies are too afraid of what can happen when consumers take control of their brand or they have no clue what SMM is.

  • http://megabluewave.com/blog Marek Wawrzyniak

    This is a great summary of the top benefits of social networking websites. In addition to brand management social media can also be used for reputation management. But that is a part of brand management I guess.

    I highlighted your post on my blog today. (I was going to include a link to it, but wasn’t sure if that would be kosher.)

    Good work.