• http://www.turnrich.com/ TurnRich.com

    With the Google changes it seems your content and social networks are more important than ever! I just started using Google circles wish i would have done this earlier and added you to one of my circles. I wonder what would happen if google had a minus one option?

  • http://www.buildandbalance.com Michael Neuendorff

    I understand that social is more important than ever to our SEO strategy. I’m confused by one of the terms you’re using in the article. What exactly are Social Signals? And how do they factor in to SERPs? Thanks for shedding light on how this is all going to play out.

  • http://www.bradneelan.com Brad Neelan

    Hello Michael,
    When the search engines are serving results on the SERP’s, they use their algorithm to determine which pages are the most ‘relevant’ to the search query. Factored into this algorithm are over 200 factors, or weightings of relevance that play into what you see ranked on the results page. These different ‘signals’ of relevance that the algorithm weights are how we are able to get such great results on a query in Google.

    Now, with the evolution of Social communities online, Google is expanding its focus to use the signals of relevance from Social factors. These signals are things like their +1 or any engagement data that can be seen by their algo.

    The basic idea is that if a community is engaging with content/information and its being adopted, then we as people have voted that content to be highly relevant. Google can then take this ‘signal’ and use it to improve the results its serves on the SERPS.