• http://SEO-Website-Designer.com/ Tiggerito

    Hi Chris,

    Love the article as it relates well to the sort of activities I do.

    Steps 1 to 4 plus the performance ranking in 5 sound very much like what I do. And I find the resultant data at that point very valuable. Just being able to rank competition and see why they rank on a large data set can create a lot of analysis opportunities and hopefully actionable items.
    Then Step 5 onwards talks about combining it with backlink analysis. That would be even more valuable data but at that point I would say it’s beyond the resources I have.

    I analysing a large set of keywords (I tend to monitor ~1,000 per client) across multiple locations and gathering the top 100 SERPs for each. It’s is a big task in itself. It results in 10s of thousands of competing domains (which can be ranked). Gathering backlinks for them all would be a mammoth tasks.
    So my question is, how do you do it?
    An initial guess is you just select some of the top ranking domains that would be classes as interesting (e.g. not wikipidia) then focus on them for the backlink analysis and comparison process.
    I remember one tool (Raven? via what tool?) which would take this sort of data and highlight backlinking websites that crossed multiple high scoring domains. Indicating those backlinking websites are open to providing links and may have an influence on ranking.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kamal.ji.5055 Kamal Ji

    good point.. i liked your post.

  • http://uk.queryclick.com/ Chris Liversidge

    Hey Tiggerito,

    Well I’d like to be able to give you a quick shortcut to automate the backlink gathering task, but there’s no easy way to automate it…without building a tool to do it for you. Which is in fact what we’ve done at QueryClick.
    On the plus side, we’ll be rolling it out for public access in the new year, so at that stage hopefully I can help speed up your analysis.
    In the meantime, yes, picking the obviously higher value domains and focussing on them is an acceptable second best: although it goes against the core philosophy of building diversity, so it’s not a hard and fast solution.
    I’d suggest tiering the domains and making sure you revisit the second and third level tiers for further backlink analysis at a later stage in the process to ensure you are keeping the diversity broad and future proofed.