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    Nice round up.

    Thanks for sharing

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    Amazing…Very Useful One…..

    SEO Specialist

  • http://www.ezwebsitemonitoring.com ezjoey

    Nice job on this, Josh. I found a couple of real jems here. I’ll throw in the obligatory “missing resource”: http://www.ezwebsitemonitoring.com for quality, keyword, and popularity monitoring.

  • http://theWebalyst.com webalyst

    Fantastic Josh.. wish I’d had this before I started searching for SEO tools!

    One of my favourites not on the list:
    Tag Cloud Generator (Scotia Systems)

    Its not just a tag cloud, but also a great free online keyword density tool with breakdowns (and tag cloud) for different page elements. Fantastic for a quick look at On-Page SEO.

    Thanks again,

    Twitter: @webalyst

  • http://www.twitter.com/bigalittlea bigalittlea

    Great list!

    I’ve also started using http://www.soovle.com lately – instead of just pulling in Google suggest, it pulls in the suggest features from a number of different engines.

  • http://www.promediacorp.com/ michaeldmanning

    I’ve got one to add under “Engine Suggestions”: our Promediacorp Suggester tool is the best thing out there for scraping Google Suggest because we go beyond the “Top Ten” list…

    Check it out.


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    Some time ago I also developed a tool to manage keyword permutations. Maybe this is to some interest for someone:



  • goodmanan

    I have just read your article relating to ‘The Giant List of Keyword Tools’ – very useful indeed for anyone in Search I have to agree. I also however wanted to try and take this opportunity to highlight one key tool that seems to be missing from this list – The Microsoft Advertising Intelligence Tool (M.A.I.T).

    MAIT is free to download and plugs directly within the Microsoft Excel 2007 environment, giving you the ability to research and generate keywords all within excel.
    You can select your market and a set of options appear for you to use (the US has a few more options that UK for example at this present time).
    The tool allows you to select any keyword and:
    1. Generate keywords and keyword suggestions
    2. Traffic trends by month and day
    3. Demographic information on age, gender and location
    4. Monetize terms based on the last 30 days-worth of data for any keyword, positions 1-8 and any match type.

    You can access this tool via: http://www.LetSearchMakeYouSMarter.com

    I hope this helps add a great tool to the already great list.

  • http://www.internetmarketingbasicsonline.com Ricken

    Surprised you have left off Market Samurai. Great tool.


  • Tanveer Mohd

    Please also add ZoomTags (http://www.muvectors.in/zoomtags.aspx) which is an Animated, Zoomable TagCloud or Keyword Visualization Tool