• PPCSwede

    My experience with paid search, as expressed by author, is that it’s not for everyone. Having worked in several verticals with both small and large companies, I’ve dealt with projects that I knew beforehand would not be successful. Factors like poor customer website, extreme competition, inferior product or market environment imbalances would simply not allow for a successful PPC campaign. In that situation the best thing is simply being honest with the client and explain what needs to happen before taking the next step. If you don’t do that, you run the risk of losing customers and in the long-term irreparably damaging your reputation.

  • http://www.markvanloon.com MarkvanLoon.com

    I Totally agree with PPCSwede. I think I don’t want to have 50% of my leads as client, because of a poor website, product/service and/or a overcompetitive market.

  • http://www.marketingignite.com Johan Hedin

    Google will always be the winner and the advertisers will slowly lose out over the years cause of the ever increasing market place. In several industries, it’s way too late to get into Adwords and I inform this to new prospects at times. In some industries it can work if the site and price points are right with a killer product…

    The funny thing is, when you ask the “experts” at Google Adwords, they give you nothing new and many times I have experienced that they themselves do not know how to manage their own system…When looking at one account that they manage, their conversion rates is horrible. The reason I know this is because they went behind my back and took a client from me and I can see the performance is going slowly down. How unethical is this of Google? So this article totally makes sense for me as well. Thanks for sharing by the way…