• http://www.rimmkaufman.com/ George Michie

    Hi Ginny, what’s also interesting to me is that Google refers to the text ads as “Ads” but the PLAs (white background, not yellow) are called “Sponsored”. A distinction without a difference, but why the distinction?

  • Ginny Marvin

    Hi George, Good question. I believe it’s Google’s way of differentiating text ads and PLAs. I asked a similar question of Google when looking at the ads in Gmail. The AdSense ads in Gmail are marked with the Ads tag, but the “Sponsored Promotions” ads (that open up to email-like messages) have the little dollar sign tag next to them. Google said it was to clearly differentiate the two types of ads. In both cases, I find it confusing as a consumer. The different tags seem more a signal to advertisers — that there are multiple ad programs on the page.

  • http://www.rimmkaufman.com/ George Michie

    Oh interesting. A cynic would say consumers know what “ad” means but “sponsored” doesn’t register with them so G gets some extra clicks on the ads. I don’t happen to be a cynic, though; people click on the ads (by any name) because they’re useful. Your notion that it lets advertisers know that there are other ad vehicles they may not be aware of makes a great deal of sense.

  • Joe

    Yahoo’s ads have such a faint background color that they look almost completely like organic results. This is shady of Yahoo.

  • Durant Imboden

    Or it could be that Google uses the traditional definition of “advertising” to mean commercial messages that are under the control of the advertiser (as opposed to paid product listings, which are sponsored–or, as Danny Sullivan might say, “paid inclusion”–search results).

    BTW, although Google’s background color for AdWords may be darker than Yahoo’s and Bing’s ad backgrounds, it remains invisible on my laptop screen.

  • Ginny Marvin

    There is actually difference for users between the two tags that I didn’t mention above. When you click on the “i” next the “Ads” tag, users can access their Ad Settings page. Whereas the Sponsored Promotions/PLAs aren’t served based on the ad settings since their pulled from merchants’ product feeds.

    Interesting that even Google’s shading is invisible on your laptop. Though I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since there is so much variation in color saturation from screen to screen.

  • Dave

    Google ads background color on laptop is invisible. I have to adjust the screen to differentiate between the ads and the organic listing. It even surpass Yahoo ads background in visibility.

  • Illogicalthinker

    Bing’s also are such a mild hue from the rest that depending on my head’s position in relation to the screen, can make it difficult to tell the difference.

  • Illogicalthinker

    Seems to me Google has the best UX. They have a lot of ads but they don’t obstruct the organics like Bing and Yahoo. However I do like the images, since likely enough I am not going to be looking for a text description of the next pair of pants I am going to buy.

  • alisha652

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