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    Love this, here at http://launchleads.com we are trying to learn more about paid search and how we can help our clients out with this, right now we are doing all phone based lead generation and qualification for our b2b clients.

  • http://twitter.com/ToniVoutilainen Toni Voutilainen

    Interesting post, thanks!

    It’s in house SM indeed. :) I’m afraid not too many SM agencies would be ready to do this except for their biggest clients.

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    I agree, some agencies will focus on optimization tasks in a cookie cutter recipe manner, forgetting that some times you need to tailor your efforts to create maximum impact. So the efforts can be heavy on LPO for one client, and heavy on negative keywords coverage for another. Not an evenly spread effort on each possible lever. But you’re going WAY beyond what most agencies are willing to do already.

    How about let’s start with the fact that in our world there’s so many agencies who collect monthly fees, and don’t bother to report back to their client on performance at all?