• SEOrefugee

    In my mind, there are two Google’s. The search one that tries to improve search and offers new and often helpful features for those searches. Then of course there’s the AdWords/AdSense money grubbing greedy corporation that will do anything it can to bring in more revenue and meet Wallstreet’s projections. It’s a bit of a tug-of-war act and I think lately, the latter of the two has been winning.

    Check out Gevil.org for more Google is Evil info.

  • http://blog.nextblitz.com gil

    I wish the BW article focused more on analyzing Googlezon…I think that is a realistic possibility, at least as a partnership
    (blogged about exactly that on NextBlitz few weeks ago)

  • Teddie

    Look out for the e-consultancy.com UK Search Engine Benchmark Report, soon to be released. I have seen the preview stats, and over 500 clients and agencies have responded to a question relating to Googles dominant market share and whether or not this is perceived as a risk to their businesses.

  • Teddie

    ps, Danny – spotted you on the back page of Fast Company ;-) I reckon Donna had you dude, I’d have stretched your argument beyond the adsense network in order to win that one.

  • http://sethf.com/ Seth Finkelstein

    “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely” — Lord Acton

  • http://www.oldschoolseo.com oldschoolseo

    With all of the data Google has on all of us (collected through their various services as well as acquisitions), it reminds me of when people would try and figure out how much data AOL had collected from sending out millions of CD’s offering “free” service. I say “free” because there was a cost associated and many missed that – the cost was “selling” your information to them in exchange for a service.

    For the time being, Google seems to be managing this data well, but no one really knows what the future holds. Perhaps they could amass more information on people than the government has? (and of course, the government is watching them closely).

    Lastly, I commend Big G for continuing to offer the best in search – which lead them to be the trusted leader in “everything search related” which is why they are now so powerful.

    My question is “how much of what they are today, was truly planned (or envisioned), and how much evolved with the market?”

    – OldSchool