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    Awesome, all zeitgeist and ‘top search terms’ sounds very ‘weird’ to me … nice post :P

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    I agree that they’re filtering these results. I’ve often thought these reports didn’t ring true; however, I’m a little skeptical of Google Trends data being used to prove this.

    I’ve done some comparisons of Google Trends data on some key phrases I’m very familiar with and have found the Trends data to be very inaccurate. Specifically, Trends was reporting a reduction in searches since 1994 where I’ve seen significant increases in searches since 1994. Do you have any thoughts on this?


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    Can you give me some examples of this? And I assume you mean 2004? Google wasn’t running in 1994 :)

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    It would be fascinating to discover how many searches: Yahoo, MSN and Google – actually get for the term GOOGLE….

    Using the Overture keyword Tool:

    25791535 Myspace
    19687569 Google
    7574647 sex
    4887898 Britney Spears
    4575910 Yahoo

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    A detailed analysis report on the subject. Good job Danny :~).

    D Sarathy.

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    These “Top Search Terms Of The Year” are not really the top or most popular but the most trendy search terms of the year. They come and go!

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    I’ve been waiting for someone to call out these ridiculous top search term lists. I’ve found them all to be heavily massaged. For example, I believe “Google” is the top search term at both MSN/Live & Yahoo, but they won’t admit to it. And those of us who have access to Nielsen, ComScore or Hitwise data know that these lists should probably include sex-related terms.

    I don’t mind them massaging the data, I just want them to admit that these lists have been heavily edited.

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    Following up. I poured through Hitwise data on the major engines and came up with a list of what are most likely the actual top 10 search terms of 2006. You can view the list here:

    Actual Top 10 Search Terms of 2006

    I based it on 12 months of data, weighted by search engine share of total searches performed. Once you see the list, you’ll understand why they massage the data.

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    Really interesting analysis report!

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    The statistics are interesting. Well, it is not in topic, but I would like to mention that Live.com does not show results correctly. I have not seen any discuss about it, I think it would be useful “push” Live.com to do something with this. Live.com shows results with websites which contains hidden texts, repeated words (many many words…) on a site… If you send them email, trying explain them it, they don’t worry about it. Lets start talk about it (of course, in other discuss). R.N.

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    I’d be interested in the uncensored results from google.