• Kevin Mullaney

    So what you’re saying is that apple maps is as rubbish as it’s always been and as ever you simply need to make sure and correctly add your business information to Apple’s data providers, no change there then! Good to see Apple is taking this seriously and not compounding one disaster with additionally terrible updates.

  • treb072410

    I totally agree with @kevinmullaney:disqus.. It is good to know that Apple is doing something to fixing their mistakes…

  • Andrew Shotland

    Kevin, it’s not clear yet whether this update will improve things for businesses that are having issues with Apple Maps, but here’s hoping that’s the case. Unfortunately,correctly adding your business to Apple’s data providers does not always seem to work – often it appears that there are underlying mapping issues (e.g. the inability to place the right address in the right place) that could be affecting a business’ visibility and it’s still unclear (at least it is to me) how Apple deals with data conflicts and what the right levers are to pull to solve them. I am slowly learning how the system works for different cases, but it’s a complicated black box. That said, making sure your NAP is clean at the base listings provider level is one of the best things a business can do to improve its visibility in Apple Maps and elsewhere.

  • Ian Vaisman

    I wonder how many of those 200 million users running iOS7 are actually using the new Apple Maps as opposed to Google Maps or another third-party app. Most people I know continued using Google Maps when Apple first came out with its own version and haven’t changed since. It will be interesting to see if with these changes and more additions the Apple Maps app can win back some people.

  • Andrew Shotland

    Mike Blumenthal did a survey earlier this year that suggested Apple Maps usage by 500 iPhone users could be as high as 35%. http://blumenthals.com/blog/2013/03/06/who-is-winning-the-apple-vs-google-iphone-driving-directions-battle-too-close-to-call/ My bet is that with the new iPhone & iOS7 that number is significantly higher. We shall see…