• http://twitter.com/bryangray Bryan Gray

    Nice job Andrew. The mess is bigger than most realize. This is especially true for small businesses like insurance agents who do often share office space and move around to save costs and get an agency off the ground. Many of those that have been in business for some time can’t be found in local search because thier NAP is such a mess Google, Yahoo and Bing have no confidence in what information should be shown.

  • Andrew Shotland

    The whole independent agent thing is tricky enough to manage without having to worry about SEO. What a headache…

  • Caleb Ross

    Is the data from this study pulled from existing Yext business listings, meaning these are listings that have a currently listing program via Yext? Or, are these business listings as they appeared before engaging with Yext business listing services? I assume the latter, but I want to make sure.

  • Sharon Oakley

    “But with so many tools now available for businesses to control this information, it is surprising that the data consistency problem is still so common.”

    I’m not surprised. Two years ago I took on a multi-location business that had used yellow page tracking numbers (over 20 different #s) through the early 2000s, and one location had moved 8 years ago. I spent 2-6 hours a week for 2 years trying to fix/kill/correct the seemingly infinite permutations of wrong phone numbers/old address that were associated with the business name. It’s *mostly* better, but there’s still a lot of screwed up listings for them out there. And that’s a business that understood the importance of their online presence and was willing to invest significantly in correcting the problem. Most businesses aren’t nearly as aware, much less have the wherewithal to sink that kind of time/money into fixing the problem. (And yes, I’ve tried paid services-IMO it actually exacerbated the problem).

  • prodentite

    Great article! I’d be curious to know what other industries you look at. Dentists seem to have all kinds of issues with NAP data and they have lots of dups with incorrect data.

  • Andrew Shotland

    Caleb, the data is based on business listings before the businesses used Yext.

  • raycassidy

    Hi Sharon, only just spotted this. How much joy did you have getting G to kill dead or useless data from places?