• http://www.marketingsutra.com/blog/ Alex Grechanowski

    Ukraine should be mentioned in the Comscore’s report. Its Internet audience is huge and is growing quickly. Plus, it’s also, partially, a Russian speaking country.

  • http://searchengineland.com Andy Atkins-Krüger

    Alex, You’re quite right of course — and I meant to point in my piece but overlooked it that Comscore’s data represents a tiny subset of what is actuallly “European” — there are actually at least 30 nations and possibly 40 which should really be included but aren’t. Sadly, for this piece, we could only work with the countries they track.

  • http://www.openglobe.co.uk Andrew Whiteman

    Andy, great insights here but I would be more careful about extrapolating current user engagement in Russia across the whole population of the country. The IT market and internet users in Russia are very heavily concentrated in the much wealthier major cities particularly Moscow and St. Petersburg – the picture outside of the major cities is quite different.