• http://www.seobrien.com seobrien

    I can’t speak highly enough for the clean design and improved usability. Unfortunately, I’m still frustrated by the lack of appropriate categorization. Why is there a category for Apple? Sure, it is popular but then why not Tivo, Motorola, or HP? Can they not better organize “Web” content?

  • Neil Patel

    SEObrien, the way Digg categorizes stories is not perfect, but I actually think they are doing a good job. Granted they have the category Apple and not Tivo, but if you look at what people submit, those stories usually fit nicely into those categories. If they start adding more categories it will make the site bloated a lot less usable.

  • http://www.thenapkin.com zkatkin

    I have been using Digg since its first incarnation (although I only recently became a registered user) and this latest version is the easiest to use and navigate. The redesign team did a fantastic job of keeping what was great about the old versions, incorporating new elements, and giving it an updated look. This update is not merely cosmetic.

    Neil, as much as I respect your site, and advice, I agree with SEObrien, Apple as a category is inappropriate. As a former Apple user, I know how phenomenal Apple products can be, and how desperate their users are to promote this fact. Despite the enthusiastic users and the number of posts, Apple as a category does not make hierarchical sense! :p

  • http://www.firstranked.com Marshall Clark

    Hi Neil,

    It looks like Digg has just opened up the Podcasts section to viewing by non-registered users. The program is still in beta and the Digg API still won’t work with the podcast story URLs, but it’s an improvement.