• Pat

    an Ad Network is a 3rd party you rely on (though most aren’t worthy of trust) to screen dist partners, RTB removes (or decentralizes, granularizes) that. RTB requires each individual advertiser to understand who each individual distribution partner is. to say this is more transparent, is a misnomer – seeing isn’t understanding. shatware folks love going direct, instead of being faced with dozens of informed screeners, they are faced with tens of thousands of uniformed individual buyers… and their margins are higher.

  • http://www.simpli.fi Frost Prioleau

    Hi Pat ,

    RTB is definitely more transparent, as advertisers are able to see the exact impressions, clicks, conversions, and cost associated with each domain where their campaigns are served. With Search Retargeting they are also able to see this for each keyword targeted. With this reporting comes understanding.

    It sounds like the issue that you are concerned with is is how to control the quality of the sites where your campaign is served. To control this, most DSPs have automated systems that screen out adult and other undesirable content, as well as poor performing sites.

    In addition, most campaigns are started with either a white list of specific sites where the campaign will be served, or a blacklist of sites where the campaign will not be served. Most DSPs will provide these whitelists and blacklists as a starting point for your campaign.


  • Pat

    “With this reporting comes understanding.” Thanks for taking the time to reply, but we are worlds apart! :-) Numbers never tell the whole story, in fact, they often mask it. I am not concerned much with where the ad shows, but how it is delivered, and the veracity with which it’s reported.

  • Jim Banks

    I agree that analytical search marketers can do well in the display ecosystem, but let’s be honest the RTB model is just another home for the remnant inventory that ad sales houses have been too inept to find a premium buyer for.

    The amount of money put into display has put that sector into the same bucket search was in 10 years ago, there is tons of demand and very few people who know what they are doing, so a lot of acronyms and winging it, with some fancy charts and terminology.

    RTB can be a bit like a junkyard, occasionally you’ll get lucky and get some gold, but you’d be better served to do your research, identify your audience and put a really sold plan with the correct things like : above the fold, impression cap, delivery frequency, out-clauses.

    RTB is great because it presents a very low barrier to entry, but there are not enough hand-holding staff to help newbie display buyers and the learning curve from search to display is not an easy one to navigate.

  • Pat

    “RTB can be a bit like a junkyard” — yes, and some folks who can’t open a store at the mall, cruise the junkyard for unsuspecting buyers. :-)