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    .eu domains are more or less like .edu domains, they have higher authority because most .eu sites are from European Organizations, e.g the European Parliament and stuff like that. So in my opinion comparing .eu sites with other countries is not correct.

  • http://www.seopros.org Webmaster T

    Quote “check they’re not no-followed”

    Where does this come from? No one knows exactly what nofollow really entails, or the real value (just what MC says) but,… see PR sculpting. To say a nofollow link is any less important than a dofollowed link is to have a myopic view of the process and a link’s true intrinsic value. To think the only value a link has is it’s SEO value is just misguided “link building is SEO” thinking . For instance a nofolow link may be followed by a user of a PR10 site and they link to you so… is that NoFollowed link still less important now?

    Can we please let it be widely known the real PR value could be 0. Misguided SEOs are the only ones who care. TBPR is an ***indication of value*** to Google… no one else. SE do not buy things people do. Please take that into account when valuing links not a few green pixels in a browser. Absolutely the worst way to value a link for SEO or anything else.

    The rest is good stuff sorry just sick and tired of reading nofollow is less important or shouldn’t be considered important.