• http://www.ufo-reports.com dyerwolf

    Are you saying the XML sitemap is not needed? Just make a more robust html sitemap page with annotated links?


  • http://www.jehochman.com JEHochman

    Excellent advice!

  • http://hjmoore420.com hjmoore420

    Excellent stuff Shari, I am going to have to continue to check back for your stuff. I met you at SES Ny this year and really enjoyed your sessions there; but I want to echo what the first comment said: should we make an XML doc somewhat based on the site map on that lives on the site or are these examples that you shared what we should be giving Google and will they validate??

    I am a tad confused. I have done some simple site maps in the past but i am asked about these things quite often and I would at least like to fake a good answer.

    thanks for your help.

  • Dawn

    This is a great explanation of what a site map really is and what it’s purpose. Great Job!

  • cajarrell

    Thanks Shari,
    You gave us an example of Librarian Pathfinder and a Site Index…but no examples of the Site map of what you speak of in the article. I’d love an example of the Site Map that gets it right – user and search engine – friendly.