• JackMcLaren

    I’m very happy someone has finally written a post on this! We have recently started running some branding campaigns with an RTB focus and have found great success in integrating this medium with a more traditional media buy approach to cover all bases. Online brand marketers have been needing this for a long time coming.

  • http://www.facebook.com/prachi.mishra Prachi Mishra

    Great overview of RTB, Frost! RTB is truly in the spotlight because advertisers are seeing the return on investment, specifically on higher quality inventories like the Facebook Exchange. As Sheryl Sandberg mentioned in the Q4 FB Earnings call, our data, at Triggit, proves that there are 36% higher conversions on the Facebook Exchange than traditional exchanges right now; that’s a good reason for advertisers to be talking about RTB now. For more data check out the link: bit (dot) ly/fBxPb

    As you mention in your article, for advertisers need two main elements for a successful RTB campaign: the ability to optimize their campaigns and full transparency. Without reporting with details on a campaign’s performance metrics (CPM, CTR, etc), advertisers don’t have the information necessary to optimize their campaigns in the efficient manner. Surprisingly, not all vendors provide the features or the transparency necessary to advertisers to optimize ads and spend in the ways you listed. Marketers should be jumping in on the amazing opportunity RTB provides, but they need to be picky when choosing their vendor.