• http://egooutpeters.blogspot.com Peter Gluck

    This over-inflated event is absolutely incompatible with the thinking of the 21st Century (what it was supposed to be!) with the ptinciples of democracy, social justice and humanism.
    What really differentiates so much THIS very sympathetic young couple from millions of other very sympathetic couple?
    For details please see:

    I regret that , in a sense we are living still in the 12th Century.


  • http://bit.ly/mirandan MirandaN

    According to the official Royal Wedding media briefing:
    “According to Google the Royal Wedding 2011 is already mentioned on 162 million web pages which demonstrates the level of interest. Twitter has said it may need to bring in extra servers to cope with the anticipated demand on the day.”

    “The official royal website is hosted by Google App Engine, which is designed to handle large, global peaks in web traffic, and was built by Accenture”