• Pat

    doesn’t your normalization process then allocate an even % reduction to every type of touch or channel, without regard to its relative contribution to the conversion?

  • http://www.esearchvision.com Benny Blum

    Pat – good question and thanks for asking. The normalization process is meant to make the link between your internal attribution via analytics and AdWords/AdCenter/Facebook ensuring your bid management isn’t over-crediting paid search. The line of logic is that if you’re not using a tool which can merge analytics data into paid search KPIs then the next best process is to normalize data directly in AdWords/AdCenter/Facebook to manage to true ROI/CPA.

    Regardless, I believe any advertiser should be using an analytics platform to track internal revenue rather than on the SE directly due to cookies etc. It’s just a question of how can you most easily and seamlessly get that data into the hands of the marketer who’s managing bids for paid traffic acquisition.

  • Pat

    multi-touch is difficult, the variations / permutations are enormous in number. i see paid search often under-credited [disclaimer, i’m a paid search consultant, :-)].

    take the case of a common 2-toucher: product level ppc, followed by organic search for store name… Analytics counts gives full credit to the organic touch. your normalization process, would further the “credit” given to the PPC (in the aggregate).

    discounting the discrete systems ignores the relative contribution, instead, it allocates negative credit evenly. imo, attribution studies should focus more on causality, than normalization corrections. many channels can’t be isolated, but paid search can. daring move, but i suggest pausing your paid search for a week – and see what happens to aggregate sales. this is a truer measure of causality and contribution, than a normalization routine that erases the systems’ delta, while ignoring the underlying contribution, and perhaps making the misattribution issue worse.

  • Pat

    oops, typo…

    your normalization process, would further reduce the “credit” given to the PPC (in the aggregate).