• bpagency

    “chock-full of useful insights” for an event with so much to offer, why did you write about the most wasteful thought of the session?

    is this meant to be your way for entertainment? what a load of shit.

    Bing is gaining market share, Google is looking more like Bing, Yahoo is rethinking it search algorithm, should there be a RAP sheet for search engines as well? SEO is evolving and very like will be irrelevant, where only those that can afford to pay big bucks will be able get listed on 1st page.

  • Duane Forrester

    Sorry you feel that way bpagency. The goal of these articles is to bring value to in house SEOs. The intent wasn’t a recap of past sessions at a show – that I’ll leave for others; like the dozens of folks who sat in the front rows and blogged live from the session at the show.

    Here’s a URL for those who want to watch a video of that session I mentioned above: