• http://twitter.com/drsundancek1d Dan Reed

    Awesome! Cleared up some things for me. I’ve wanted to use Social Q and A for a client of mine but never really took the plunge like you suggest. Was tempted by forums for a bit though.
    Would you recommend Yahoo Answers or any others?

  • http://twitter.com/rakshitmonga rakshit monga

    Great article. After reading the “shoe” eg. , i was actually wondering that the same strategy might not apply to a retail website selling multiple brands of shoe.

    I am not sure either how should i classify my keywords according to the intent. If I look at keyword conversion patters, I can just identify that people searching for my “website name” keyword on google, I should show them my Website. But in the case of “XYZ Shoes” how do i differentiate among xyz, shoes and xyz shoes and then their match types? 

    Thats where i second you that there is no one-size-fits-all how-to post on your social funnel.

  • http://www.blueglass.com Jordan Kasteler

    Hey Dan, glad this helped. Research where your audience might be. Quora is also a great one as well as all these oldies I’ve written about in the past 

  • http://www.blueglass.com Jordan Kasteler

    Rakshit, you could expand this strategy and modify almost any direction. Get creative with your keywords and their funnels.

  • http://twitter.com/rakshitmonga rakshit monga

     Agreed . Thanks :)

  • kevinlee670

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=2008307 David Suarez

    Amazing post jordan, I had to read it 2 times over it was so good. 

  • Milou8

    Ton notch, Jordan,
    The Path to Purchase Sale Funnel is now called by some “A Tunnel.” People are so overwhlemed with information they are defaulting to “simpliticy” buying decisions. Which, if fact, adds great value to a brand when it’s easy to find… easy to evaluate… easy to buy… easy to reach customer service.  And EASY can feel pretty good and OK. Yes, they’ll think harder as the cost rises, but it’s gut decision making. iPhones are easy. Androids are scary.

       This means you have to nail your prospect’s attention early on and, as you say, build history with them.  We profile our prospects and customers by their personality types. That tells us a lot and we customize our messages accordingly, so when the moment is right and they are ready to buy or donate, we are there for them.
       One size most definately does not fit all. 
       Enjoyed your post.
    Jay  https://quantmethod.com

  • http://peppervirtualassistant.com/ Maria Molado

    Very informative, Jordan. It actually got me thinking on how to use the strategy for services.

  • rachelannpoling

    Thank you so much for that wonderful post, Jordan! I couldn’t agree with you more. :)