• A.T.

    The first two match-ups vs. competing platforms don’t seem like very good assessments of the bidding system since both of the competitors issues could have been solved by having a smart and active analyst on the account. Third test sounds legit, but one out of three ain’t that great.

  • http://www.optimine.com rwcooley

    There’s no question that having a smart and active analyst will improve performance, that’s why I mentioned that I strongly believe someone has to drive. However, in the two cases you’re questioning, the scale of the accounts made it very difficult for the analyst to keep up. Each has well over 100k keywords spread across multiple accounts. In addition, both of these were using an auto-bidding solution that had limitations on the types of changes that could be made. So given the available analyst resources and the available software features there was no easy fix short of changing the bidding solution.