• http://www.drsandassociates.com/ davidthemavin

    What does Twitter cause? Not much surprisingly.

  • normalslife

    Facebook Causes app is also probably related to “Facebook Causes” application (you know, like “1 million strong to stop dog fighting”).
    Actually, you can see the results, which is all about the “Facebook Causes” application:
    I imagine that’s where they were going with the “Facebook Causes cancer” thing as well… you know, “raise cancer awareness by joining this cause.”


    -.- FYI, the “Facebook causes donations” does not mean that Facebook actually causes donations, it’s a search query relevant to making donations to a specific Facebook cause. How hard is that to get?!

  • dakisan

    Nice one. Try typing “Google causes”

  • Drmgiver

    According to some, it actually does cause cancer.


  • http://www.ganarconhispanianet.com hispanianet

    This can’t be serious…I undestand that these services are jealous with Facebbok, that’s receive more traffic that them but this litle joke could cause legal actions…

  • KennedyPittman

    The “Causes” app quickly became one of the most popular applications on FB with over 24million users. That is surely a lot of what you are seeing.

  • http://www.syscomminternational.com syscomm

    It seems that Facebook is the root of all things, bad or good! Facebook does not cause anything, it’s the users that are causing. Facebook just offers an arena of us to prove our good behaviour.