• http://nbs-seo.com Reg Charie

    Hi Brian,
    Interesting post.
    Could you elaborate on your comment please?
    “Enterprise Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not rocket science. In fact, it is not even as faceted as many other sectors of SEO in which practitioners have to perform many more nuanced SEO tasks”

    What facets are omitted in enterprise models?


  • http://www.unyscape.com Satish Sharma

    We used this article as a check-list for checking completeness of our enterprise-seo-framework, and found some interesting improvement areas. So thank you!
    Will contact you again whenever we get a new enterprise level SEO project with our revised framework in proposal ;-) .

  • http://seocincinnati.com Kevin

    Brian I have a comment on your statement in #25

    “social mention is not as powerful as a backlink in powering your content in search engines today, they are not irrelevant either”

    With Google pushing the use of Google + and them even stating how content freshness, comments and sharing are becoming more of a factor in their algorithms and then ultimately your rankings, does that not indicate that social mentions will ultimately turn into backlinks?

    I just feel this statement is a little to quite to what is coming of social mention and rankings.

    Like to know your thoughts on that?

    Great article thanks


  • http://mtibble mtibble

    Hi Brian, good list.
    When looking through it, I went back to #4 – Realize Enterprise SEO is going to take awhile.

    How long is a while? What would be a good time to set the expectation for when SEO is going to have a result?

    Any idea would be greatly appreciated.


  • http://twitter.com/InMktgWeTrust Frederic C.

    Good post Brian, 
    A small note on your reco. for Entreprise SEO agencies. I worked with client who used both Covario and Conductor. I have not yet used Brightedge. One I would also recommend is SEO Clarity, certainly not cheap but damn they make automation work well once you get you trained on their tool.