• http://www.nbi-sems.com jeffgibson

    Craig, thanks so much for the QS insights – I’m looking forward to reading the book. I’ve inherited an old Adwords account and I want to significantly reorganize the architecture of the account for strategic reasons. I called an Adwords rep to learn the ramifications of just starting a new account and pausing the old one to use for historic reference. The Google rep said that high level quality score data is attached at a domain level rather than at an account level so that quality history would extend to multiple accounts all run under the same domain. Does that explanation fit your experiences? In your last post you mentioned that QS is based on several CTR measures including: “The aggregate and historic CTR performance of all keywords in the account, now and previously” – but you didn’t mention anything attached at a level higher than the account like the domain level.

  • deemoe

    Hello Craig. I recently had the pleasure of reading your book on Quality Score and I have a question regarding broad matched keywords that I hope you might answer (I’m sorry it doesn’t directly relate to this blog post):

    In QSIHR, you say that while Visible Quality Score only considers queries identical to the keyword, true quality score considers CTR of non-identical queries. How do broad matched keywords develop QS for search queries that do not match exactly?