• Gus Van Der Walt

    Awesome article! Heading over to test my sites right away!

  • http://twitter.com/sharithurow sharithurow

    Hi Kim-

    Awesome SEO/usability article!  It’s always nice to see that hybrid skill sets and aptitudes (SEO, usability, information architecture, analytics, etc.) and a holistic approach be validated.

    I loved your comment, “User testing is helpful but unless the test participants represent your target user demographic, the results aren’t solid.” Heuristics are a great starting point. But you are certainly right. Everyone should conduct the right usability test at the right time…and with the right people.

    I think information architecture is often overlooked because people don’t go to a website and think, “Wow! This site has a great information architecture!” IA doesn’t receive outright praise. Nevertheless, IA has such an impact on findability and usability. 

    Thanks for the great article…retweeting.


    I found a really great Understanding Information Architecture presentation:


  • kimkrauseberg

    Thanks Shari!  And to think…I couldn’t figure out what to write about :)  

    What I see at the corporate level is a consistent disconnect between different departments that bring their unique and valuable skills and practices to the project but refuse to share information or test together.  I’d love to assemble my dream testing team someday!  It would include online marketers, IA, accessibility and more.

  • carpediemspain

    Thanks KIm, the new google DIY survey platform that was announced yesterday, as well as recent changes to the facebook UI for filtering will enhance the recruitment possibilities to ensure the right target Personas are being included in the tests

  • Etienne Clergue

    Great article, and a fantastic testimonial for testing.
    I am all in favour of a holistic view of digital marketing where SEO, UI, UX, IA and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) all integrate into one winning combination  (gotta love acronyms!)
    But all too often SMEs and larger businesses tend to forget that good organic rankings are not enough to bring revenue.

  • http://twitter.com/sSEOs StudentSEOSyndicate

    Very helpful! This is a niche I had not explored yet and I did not consider the value of testing prior to reading this. Thank you for sharing!

  • Daniel_seo

    Don’t they have a project manager that coordinate the project? Whether usability or look or feel, it is the project managers job to organize the different teams to get to the end result.

  • WebOfficer

    Well said: “Usability and SEO procedures do, in fact, blend together well. It wasn’t always accepted and there are some people who still insist the two practices can’t live together.”

    How true your article is, recently I began working in such an environment where the amount of divisions was huge. All with the same agenda, gain traffic, convert and grow revenue, yet they are very disconnected but are all on the same floor, office and at times site view of each other.