• http://www.temerity.com.au/ Elliot Dean

    Very humorous but also insightful look at making sure a web page gets its message across to visitors. Was a good chuckle and a note to self to take a look at my clients sites now!!! And I’M serious because I used 3 exclamation points.

  • robthespy

    Home run, Brian!

    I’ve often found that you can follow guidelines and best practices, but you have to test because you never know what’s going to work well.

  • http://conversionscientist.com Brian Massey

    Thanks, Elliot. I can just FEEL your excitement!!!

  • http://conversionscientist.com Brian Massey

    If you’re going to test, you should test the right things. A common sense check is a good way to get something testable. Thanks for the comment.

  • brianscoop

    I’m always telling clients, “every page should have a job,” and “every page should tell a visitor what to do next.” This post is makes this point so seem so simple, clear, and obvious, with excellent examples. And it’s a fun read. One of my top posts for 2012 (you just made it in!) Thanks.

  • http://conversionscientist.com Brian Massey

    Brianscoop, I am honored to be included in your top posts. Thanks and Happy New Year.

  • http://www.conversationware.co.uk Matt Lambert

    Wonderful article, great examples of how busy people form impressions. Part of the job of all pages is to give the right instant impression. I must write that down.

  • treepodia

    People say “amazing article” a lot, like they mean it. Well, this one actually deserves it. Standing applause, you have managed to amuse and educate. That’s what it’s about. These are some easy-to-forget basics. Thanks!

  • http://conversionscientist.com Brian Massey

    Much thanks for the kind words.

  • http://conversionscientist.com Brian Massey

    Even after some thoughtful inspection, these impressions are the same.