• http://www.hazelnutfilms.com Peter Rigg

    I used to work at a small company where I managed the Adwords account in-house, as part of many other duties. We eventually outsourced to an agency who re-structured
    our account and did a good job, so we gave them a monthly retainer.

    However, after a year we found that growth had become stagnant, so we hired an independent auditor, who found basic flaws and missed opportunities. The agency later acknowledged that this was due to the fact that they’d taken on too many clients.

    Regular audits are a great way to stop complacency creeping in, and I think that on balance, an external auditor is the better option because there are no conflicts of interest.

  • http://twitter.com/kevinjgallagher Kevin Gallagher

    Thanks Brad what metrics would be good to see the 10 mile high perspective?