• http://www.seo101blog.com RebeccaL

    You have some excellent points about the economy, client involvement and expectations, a lot of stuff my SEO teammates and I have been concerned about for quite awhile now – particularly with verifying local business profiles, getting clients to ask their customers for reviews, and so on. My question is how can you get a client involved in their own campaign when, in their mind, they’re too busy and that’s why they hired us? It’s exasperating to have a client upset because their site isn’t doing well when they’re not willing to participate in their own site success.

  • http://www.widerfunnel.com Raquel Hirsch

    Very Interesting and well presented article, Khalid.

    We at WiderFunnel Marketing have been focused exclusively on running conversion rate experiments for clients for almost three years (that is all we do) and agree totally that three years ago we would spend a lot more time explaining the concept of website testing to prospects, whereas now most prospects know what CRO.

    Furthermore, many prospective clients have already tried testing themselves, but have failed at achieving statistical significance on their tests.

    The reasons for this vary, but can be categorized as follows:
    – No staff to take on extra work
    – No staff with any experience developing a testing strategy
    – No staff able to handle more complex GWO integration (we have developed many custom solutions)
    – No designers and copy writers with conversion experience and skills

    Is that what you mean by “Based on talking to nearly 200 companies who tried conversion optimization in the last year, over 60% of them report no significant improvement in conversion rates”? Are these all client-side test experiences?

    I am asking because WiderFunnel’s track record is of 100% success for retainer clients: ALLour retainer clients have since coversion rate lift ranging from 10% to 290%

  • ppcbuyers

    I’m with Rebecca – getting clients to take ownership of their site, where conversion happens, it’s always my biggest challenge.

  • http://www.ioninteractive.com allenkristina

    “…humans are a lot more complex than search engines,” no kidding! For that very reason I have to agree with you that following best practices is necessary (after all they’re “best” practices for a reason), but aren’t the only route to take. Some of our customers have achieved the best conversion rates by taking the path less traveled.