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    I would think that most users visiting Wikipedia’s Facebook page are indeed confused. Google has a tendency to rank Wikipedia rather well, and I suspect Google is the one sending most of the visitors to Wikipedia’s Facebook page as it is currently ranked number 2. Many suspect Google gives Wikipedia such high ranks because Wikipedia is not commercialized, which makes Google’s paid ads more appealing to users for the average search query. For example, searching for a “vacuum” in Google we find Wikipedia ranked number one. Does Google really think we are that foolish to need a definition/history of the vacuum at the top spot or is something else going on here?

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    Thanks for the nice information. Every one like it. I also think most of user opened wikipedia’s facebook page by confusion due to the listing of wikipedia’s content pages on the top most by google. So the page views got higher.

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    facebook are you kidding me yup i totally agree with you on confuse visitor though they seem pretty much confused to me searching for wiki on facebook.


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    Lots of confusion there. Also “wiki” is second”. Whoa, meta search is meta.

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