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    I don’t blame Google at all. people just taking advantage of Google’s merging algorithm. To be honest Google anti spam system is fairly very strong . eventually phony listings will get caught .

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    Google has been aware of this problem for a considerable period of time, as I and others have repeatedly reported it to them over the past many month, by using their spam submission form, by reporting the conduct in their business listing discussion forum, and by personal networking into the organization at the highest levels.

    I spoke with someone from Google Maps a couple of weeks ago who called to sell me on an upgrade to my company’s map listing. She told me Google was well aware of this practice and was removing these maps as quickly as they can find them. However, I don’t believe this is true at all. Early this week I submitted a batch of about 20 these listings using their map spam reporting form, “Roger Waters Tickets Toronto” was one of them, yet no action has been taken.

    If google is really having trouble finding these listings, I’d be happy to supply them with a weekly listing of them so they can be removed promptly.

    I have good reason to believe that the companies who do these map spam listings make tens of thousands of dollars a month through this tactic. Please don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against ticket resellers… it is valuable service, and I am involved in that industry myself. I just have an issue with people getting an unfair advantage through a practice that seems to me to be blatantly fraudulent.

    The chief offenders here seems to be ticketsintown.com, doitbigtickets.com, click4tixs.com, and ticketssos.com, although I have not seem map spam from the last one in a few weeks.

    I hope your article will help get Google to really take some action on this practice. It just has not seemed to be a priority for them.

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    I don’t understand how you arrived at your conclusions here…

    For one thing, ticketsintown.com is registered to TopLocalSearch.com – they are not a ‘client’ .

    For another, most of these listings look like singletons, not merged listings, which each claim the business address of a venue…?

    Did anyone notify Live Nation or contact TicketNetwork.com? Presumably the latter can exerts some control over this spamfest and would want to, given what looks like illegal activity.