• http://www.newfangled.com Eric Holter

    Jill is right on target emphasizing title tags in SEO efforts. It is by far the easiest and most neglected aspect of fine tuning a web page’s performance.

    Use of title tags combined with a basic understanding of the “long tail of search” goes a long way toward an effective SEO strategy.

    We produced a short video last summer about “The Simple Secret to Search” which highlights both these aspects of SEO. The video can be viewed on our website http://www.newfangled.com, or it can be viewed/embedded via a YouTube upload (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4obmGdh7rA).

    Thanks Jill, and thanks Barry for calling attention to the article.

    Eric Holter
    CEO – Newfangled Web Factory

  • http://www.vincevincevince.com/ VinceVinceVince

    Jill’s got the title-tag pretty-much nailed but I’m concerned about the over-emphasis upon keywords. Like most SEOs I’ve been finding that good results only come from matching the keyword clusters that Google uses. Jill’s kind of approach will work best with MSN, in my opinion.