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    This is more widespread; I remember when I signed up for Gmail in 2004 there was a CAPTCHA along these lines, so I cycled through more of them to see if it was a fluke or an intended GJoke – there were quite a few vaguely toilet-related CAPTCHAs!

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    That is funny :) imagine some old granny having to type that in…

  • http://www.ranking-news.de/index.php/2006/02/versteckte-captcha-nachrichten-an-seos/ timsen
  • seomysterious

    Beavis here. This was funny mostly because it was not just a randomly-generated CAPTCHA message. It appears on an Adwords sign up instruction page at https://adwords.google.com/select/steps.html

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    That is funny. I’m sure will see more of these. I imagine it won’t take long until we see a bunch of websites devoted to funny captcha images…(hey there’s an idea – don’t steal it! Haha)